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We know cooking for your family is not all rainbows and butterflies.
That's why we created Prepear. So you can serve your family healthy food, save tons of time, and say goodbye to that 5 o'clock feeling of stress and hurry forever.
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Gather all your favorite recipes into one place (hallelujah!) and discover new dinner hits from our huge database. Never lose a recipe. Share with a click.
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Drag-and-drop recipes into your calendar to build a meal plan in a snap. Effortlessly decide what to feed your family all week long.
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Pull out your phone in the store to shop from your Smart Grocery List. We create it for you each week so you can buy exactly what you need.
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Cook and Relax
Eat great and rock family dinner. Smile. Hang with your kids. Let go of stress. Live healthy. Every day.
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Take the stress and scramble out of home cooking.
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